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Captain America x reader
Only one of you- Part Three
A/N: - Hey glitters! I know I haven't uploaded in ages but I was happy with how I revised the last part and we're pretending this is all before the civil war of the avengers, but Carter has died so it makes sense...
And they did. You were partners again with your previous, Bucky, both sent to hunt Steve down. To complete the collection. Why did he have to experiment on you? You weren't one for pain, but you would do anything in your will to help anyone, Steve, Bucky and Peggy, all three being your top priority, put before anyone else, put before your own being. Maybe that's why he chose you, you were the best agent, put anyone else before herself. He must've tricked her, she was desperate to keep her friends safe. Y/N got shot badly once, needed serious medical attention, only because she saw Bucky in a line of bullets and pushed him away, causing herself to be shot. Why didn't she tell him, that she was going through
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Captain Cinder (Steve x Reader // Cinderella AU 1)
“Be brave and good”, these are the words that Steve lived after.
He fought for the people that couldn't fight for themselves and helped the people he saw in need.
He was overall a nice gentleman and blessed with a sweet smile and a big heart.
But fate laid the ugliest cards on the young man.
He was smaller than men in his age, cursed with sickness after sickness and his mother died young, leaving him alone with his father and later a stepmother and two brothers.
But the boy didn't falter from his course to do good and live after the words his mother whispered on her death bed.
He was pushed around by his two older, stronger stepbrothers and his stepmother, but he stayed strong. Fighting against their spewed hate and jealousy.
Because even if he was sick and small, he was loved by his father and his neighbors for his kindness and will to stand up for others.
Sadly fate lashed out against the boy again and his father died while he went on a trip. The horse buckled and threw h
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Soldiers Chapter 3 (Peter Parker x Reader)
The ground was cold and you could no longer feel Peter at your side. You felt really dizzy as you pushed yourself up into a standing position. You quickly took in your surroundings and realized you were in an alley. Something seemed off about it though. It looked so, old.
A noise from behind a garbage can started you and Peter, still dressed as Spider-Man, made his way towards you. “Are you ok?” You asked pulling his mask off.
“I’m fine, are you?” He asked grabbing your face and inspecting it.
“Yes, I’m ok” You said swatting his hand away with a smile.
“Where are we?” He asked looking around.
“I don’t know but something seems weird. Like we’re not in our time anymore” Wait. You rushed over to the trashcan and fished around until you found an old newspaper. “Peter it’s 1943. We went back in time. That thing, it was a time machine”
“Holy shit” Peter mumbled.
“Peter do y
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Note to self
Do not despair as you look around, as others blindly do.
True enough, this world is full of evil, now more than ever or so it would seem.
Look a little closer, dissect the things you know, inspect the very core, that is the juiciest part.
See truth through your own eyes, it is yours, it belongs to you, own it.
Each breath is a stitch that joins you to the world, you are a part of this tapestry, you get to be a part of the story.
And though you may not have obvious talents, the very least you have is your mind, your perspective, your thoughts are all crucial.
Never be ashamed of your oddities, the world lacks it, yet requires it desperately.
Yours is the light that burns away the veil of ignorance, reveal all that is hidden.
Like the lighting technician at the play, understated, unnoticed but critical, nothing exists without him.
We need you more than ever to show us the way.
I have faith in you, use your eyes, you must see it too.
I never forgot the real you, that kind innocent child s
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Into the light :iconmrcharman:MrCharman 2 2 OCs :iconnatello:Natello 339 15



I used to love
felt the whispers of warmth your words once brought
the music of your laughter that once rang in my ears
the blinding brightness of your smile
but that's all changed hasn't it
it was all too much
the love, the whispers, music, everything
and with two words
it was gone
the world was dull,
silent and vague
I held perfection in you
The mere idea of you
Flawless, beautiful, you.
But now that is gone
I'm empty
I don't understand how something could change that fast
but I'm not happy
I can't do this anymore
I tried to move on
I tried to live normal again
but I can't keep lying
I'm tired
26 deviations
I'm just really sad, all the time. I just had a long, long conversation with my twin, about how I'm feeling, and she feels the same way. We both don't have the greatest home life, it's nothing too severe it's just we both feel brought down all the time. Right now I just feel like I'm drowning in this pit of things wrong with me, and it's Ike I can't get out and no matter what people say about me good or bad, I just can't feel better about myself. I've dealt with depression, anxiety, and self worth several times before. It was bad last semester of college until I moved dorms and was with friends. Now I'm still in the dorm but I just feel alone  and I know I'm not, I know people care and I can recognize there is something wrong, but it's hard. It's hard to talk to my friends because I just feel they have had so many harder problems and issues that mine seem so small and minuscule. I just don't like who I am right now. I am going to try and go to some sort of counseling, I just don't have anyone to talk to other than my sister and she loves 5 hours away. I just don't know, I'm gonna get through this though, I just feel sad and lonely all the time, and it's such a struggle. Everyone on DeviantArt has been nothing but kind to me though and I love each and every one of you, you all are amazing, and you've definitely helped me some. I just don't know how to stop feeling sad and talking with my twin helped, if y'all have advice I'm willing to try anything. I love you guys!!!❤️


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I Love everything Marvel related, my two favorite characters are Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes so.... I also adore drawing and acting so don't be suprised if you see play or musical related drawings on here


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